Balance Diet Outline

Program Phases and Details
Two phases make the program simple.

Phase One is online and available to you right now. We feel that Phase One will give you a very good overview of the program and in some cases may be sufficient for your needs.

You may already have significant background in the principals we discuss and Phase One may just outline the parts you were missing and you can regain your health using what we have discussed. Phase One is all you may need, we always suggest, begin with Phase One, we'll be working with you, assisting you, as you progress you can make a decision at that time to move to Phase Two if you still feel your not reaching your goals.

Phase Two is critical for those who want optimal health with everything laid out in an easy to follow program.

Phase Two is in greater detail, you get charts, comparisons, recommendations, outlines and much more. The information in Phase Two is an expanded version of Phase One and highly recommended. However, keep in mind, we want you to begin with Phase One, start the program using the information there, then if and when comfortable, begin Phase Two.

We'll go into more detail on Phase Two, but for now, proceed to Phase One And Download Your Copy Immediately. Click Next Below.