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Fourth Revised Edition Available
You can now download the newest edition, if you haven't downloaded previously you can proceed to the purchase area, you'll be presented with a payment option. Once you successfully complete that you'll automatically be presented with the Balance Diet in PDF format. It will be available immediately, no waiting.

Existing Customers
All of our existing customers will automatically get the latest version via email, if for any reason you have not received version 4 please contact us and we'll send it out.

Quality Control
All of our transactions are designed to be simple and easy for you to complete, however if there is a step or function that is not just as you think it should be please bring it to our attention.

Product Recommendations
All of existing customers know that we recommend very few products, however those that we do are products we are familiar with, use in almost all cases, and have taken for periods of extended time, some as long as the last ten years. We don't take product recommendations lightly.