Balance Diet Phase One Ten Parts...
Phase One Ten Parts - Download Here

Phase One - Part One - Natural Body Cycles

Lose Weight In As Little As 3 Days With Just Part One

Follow the Natural Body Cycles when eating, this is one of the Greatest Secrets of Losing Weight. With what you'll learn in Phase One of the Balance Diet you'll be able to regain your health and begin losing excess weight almost immediately.

What Everybody Ought To Know -- About How To Lose Weight

Yes, we feel everyone should know these easy and simple steps you can make to lose weight, and more importantly regain and maintain optimal health.

Phase One - Part Two - Proper Food Combinations

Thousands Now Lose Weight Who Never Thought They Could

That's right, you may be one of those who thought you could never lose weight, you may have tried every thing, yet there is a procedure you can practice when preparing your meal that will practically guarantee you'll lose weight. Proper food combinations allow your body to remain in balance, by default it wants to regain optimal weight.

A Startling Fact About How To Lose Weight ...In Less Than 5 Minutes

That's right, in 5 minutes you'll be able to compare what your eating with a simple chart and it will tell you at a glance if your following Proper Food Combinations, and how to correct it.

You Can Laugh At Your Lose Weight Worries -- If You Follow This Simple Plan

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Phase One - Part Three - Essential Amino Acids

Part Three Will Show You How To Feel Terrific And Regain Your Health?

You can feel terrific, optimize your weight and regain your health with the Proper ratio of Essential Amino Acids. The shocking truth about cravings that no one is telling you. Food manufacturers do not want you to learn this key to health.

Did You Know That With This One Tip...You'll Know More About Maintaining Health Than 90% Of The Population?

That's a fact, here's a little test you can run, ask anyone you know this question. When they plan a meal do they plan the meal so that the Essential Amino Acids are present in the right ratio? They will have a strange look come over their face, Essential Amino Acids, ratios, balance...all of this will be unknown to them.

Knowing How To Balance Your Essential Amino Acids Is Like Gaining a Ph. D In Weight Loss.

Phase One - Part Four - Essential Fatty Acids

Part Four - Have More Energy And Think Clearer?

Energy galore, think clearly, be able to concentrate, sleep soundly, wake up refreshed, all this is possible, quickly and with a simple step we'll outline. It's all about Essential Fatty Acids. The Balance Diet Phase One, Part Four will give you the critical insight you need.

Yes These Essential Fatty Acids Helped Me Think Clearer And They Will Work For YOU Too

In order for you to get to your optimal weight, quit the cravings and binging you need to supply your body with the elements it's driving you to find through cravings and binging. Essential Fatty Acids are just that Essential. Your body is unable to function at it's peak, thus concentration levels fall, sleep patterns are disturbed, your tired and listless. We'll show you what these are, how to easily add them to your diet, and explain why they are critical to your health.

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Phase One - Part Five - Enzymes

In Part Five Discover The Number One Way To Reduce Fatigue And Improve Digestion?

The minute you learn about Enzymes and how the standard North America Diet is robbing us of our Enzyme stores you'll begin to see why fatigue and indigestion are chronic problems in North America. We are going to show you, simple, effective and easy to do steps to begin replenishing your enzymes. We'll show you which foods replace enzymes, and which foods deplete enzymes.

Enzymes Improve Digestion - Which In Turn Allows Your Body To Require Less Food

Less food and better digestion, combined with all the earlier steps gets you quickly on the road to optimal health. Many of us are constantly tired as our body tries desperately to digest food devoid of enzymes. Enzymes are critical for all functions in the body, as they become depleted our system begins to fail. Weight Issues, mental clarity, health issues these quickly turn into a crisis.

We will show you how to maintain and improve your natural enzymes and get you on the road to health.

Phase One - Part Six - Good Bacteria

Ancient Secrets Uncovered - Discover The Secret Food Some Of The Longest Living Cultures Already Know

Each digestive tract has billions of bacteria, not all good, in fact in most cases the bad bacteria has overgrown the good creating major imbalances, these imbalances lead to problems such as yeast infections/candidiasis, digestive disorders and much more. We need to correct the ratio and in part six we'll share ancient secrets that will allow you to easily correct the imbalances.

Phase One - Part Seven - Fiber

Unleash Your Body's Fat Burning Mechanism

Say the word fiber and most people immediately envision something awful. Most of us relate to the fiber bars, fiber drinks, fiber supplements and in a word these are awful. They are in many cases, not fiber that is in balance, nor of sources we would instinctively eat, therefore not really creating any real benefit,  and yet fiber remains crucial to our system, it's how to get the fiber that is the key.

Part Seven Unlocks The Fiber Key

Discover how the correct ratio of fiber, and which fiber types, from what foods will unleash your body's fat burning mechanism. In part seven learn how to turn the benefits of correct fiber ratios in your favor to increase your ability to lose weight.

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Phase One - Part Eight - Negative Calorie Foods

Exponentially Increase Weight Loss

Celery, long known as the main negative calorie food is only one of many such weight loss wonder foods. Part Eight goes in depth on how you can incorporate these Negative Calorie Foods into your daily diet and exponentially increase weight loss.

Put Your Weight Loss On The Fast Track - Discover The Full Benefits Of Negative Calorie Foods

Why simply reduce calories, Instead have a negative calorie intake, and provide your body with optimal nutrients

Phase One - Part Nine - Ancient Culture & Body Types

Ancient Culture Old World Secrets Revealed

Balance Diet always takes into account your natural heritage and type as these are not easy to change, adaptations take generations, yet we wonder why we are all experiencing degenerative diseases at alarming rates after changing our way of eating so rapidly.

Certain cultures still experience almost no degenerative conditions, longevity far beyond North Americans and have eating habits dating back centuries. Learn these invaluable dietary habits to increase your vitality, increase longevity, and decrease your chronic degenerative conditions.

Phase One - Part Ten - A Typical Day

An outline of a typical day, laid out in a fashion that you can easily modify, adjust and create each day to match your lifestyle. Balance Diet is designed for you.

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